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With the development of positive psychology over the last few decades, practitioners have increasingly seen value in a strengths- rather than risks-based approach to preventing youth problem behaviors. Hope is one construct of this type, which involves a thinking process related to motivations, goal attainment, and future success. Our research focuses on hope as “psychological capital” and finds that those youth with higher levels are much less involved in bullying and cyberbullying offending. We then spend the bulk of our presentation providing actionable strategies and solutions to educators and other youth-serving adults as they seek to increase hope across the student body.
Key issues discussed: protective factors, social and emotional learning, bullying, cyberbullying, adolescence, student activities, teacher activities, multimedia resources
Delivered in a positive, culturally-relevant, and hopeful tone with the use of flash polling, videos, and case studies, this presentation will help educators and other youth-serving adults:

Recognize the need for novel examinations of correlates of youth misbehavior
Understand how hope is conceptualized within the field of positive psychology
Consider how hope serve as a psychological asset to buffer against the strains of adolescence
Examine the empirical relationship between hope and bullying/cyberbullying involvement
Learn activity-based methods to build hope in students at elementary, middle, and high school levels
Learn which traditional media and online media resources are optimal to cultivate hope among youth
Learn how adults can influence student lifestyle choices that promote hopeful mindsets

(60-75 minutes)
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