Global advocate for anti-cyber bullying.

Passionately rising up against baseless, internet shame & humiliation.

Cyberbullying is a growing problem in today’s digital world. After building several, highly successful businesses online, I know how powerful the internet can be. However, this power is not limited to success only. Words online don’t go away and unfortunately some words can be used to shame and destroy the lives of innocent people.

In 2015, I was the target of one of the worst cyberbullying cases to date. I’m speaking out and turning my experience into hope for others like myself.

“I know we can heal and take back the very thing that belongs to only us… our name.
– Raven K Starre (also known as Vitória)

The distructive fallout of online slander.

Our online, digital profiles can be easily destroyed with only a few words or pictures and it’s not limited to kids. Like me, I’ve met other adult men and women who’ve lost their entire careers, money, homes and sadly, even family relationships. The mental health damages are far reaching as well, and in some cases the deep shame has ultimately lead to suicide. We often don’t think of the lasting, destructive effects, online words carry.

Watch this 3 minute video about cyber bullying.

Book Release soon.

I’m excited to announce that soon you will be able to read my complete story in my new, upcoming book. Bookname is the chronicle of my cyber 2015 attack, the dark years that followed and my path to emotional healing.

Check back for updates concerning the anticipated release date and events.

Zoe Sugg, Co-Founder & Influencer speaks about the dangers of social media.

I”I think social media is both a blessing and a curse. I think it has enabled a lot of conversation and has given people a platform who may not have had one before, allowed communities and friendships to form and important issues to be elevated. However, there is also a very dangerous side to social media. It’s become a very different place than where it was ten years ago. There are millions more users and not a lot of rules so it can feel like a bit of a playground. It’s easy to be faceless and anonymous which can unfortunately bring out the worst in people.” – Zoe Sugg

Read Zoe’s Full interview…

“The shame sticks to you like tar.”
– Monica Lewinsky


We all Owe Monica Lewinsky an Apology.
– By Molly Jong-Fast

It was one of the worst betrayals in modern life, 22 hours of taped conversation, 22 hours of confession, 22 hours of betrayal. In an article written the following year, The Washington Post called it “a sighing, giggling, sobbing soundscape of the American night, and a breathtaking study in betrayal.” And it was.

She became everyone’s punching bag. The New York Post called her “the portly pepper pot.” Late-night hosts were obsessed with her; she was a recurring character on Saturday Night Live. Making fun of this 22-year-old girl became a national pastime. She was bullied for everything from her hat choice to her weight to her voice to her diction. …Read More

“Victims are forced to live with their shame in silence. Like a heavy cloud that never goes away.”

Below are a few of the wonderful organizations that I donate to regularly. They’re working tirelessly to change not only social stigmas, but laws and legislature, taking a stand against cyberbullying.

With the help of these foundations, we are building awareness and hopefully can change the future for many victims. If you or a loved one are being attacked online, speak to a support advocate 24 hours a day below in contact.

If you or a loved one are currently being victimized online, you can always speak with a support advocate 24 hours a day.

For contact and press inquiries, please complete all fields below. I look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you shortly. - Raven